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We import about 85-90% of our food.  This leaves us extremely vulnerable to natural disasters or global events that may interrupt the shipping of our food supply.  In the, Increased Food Security and Food Self-Sufficiency Strategy (2012) it states, replacing just 10% of the food we currently import would amount to approximately $313 million. Assuming a 30% farm share, $94 million would be realized at the farm-gate which would generate an economy-wide impact of an additional $188 million in sales, $47 million in earnings, $6 million in state tax revenues, and more than 2,300 jobs. 

This sector features all the innovative agriculture endeavors our state is pursuing.  We also love sharing what other states and countries are progressively doing to advance their agricultural initiatives.  Should you have helpful tips, new businesses, cool articles, videos or films that are worth sharing, please send them to us at .

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