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Hawaii is a treasured paradise and the desired location to visit or reside for many across the world.  Those who have chosen Hawaii as their home or a frequent vacation destination realize its rare beauty and they grow to love its unique haven.  Whether you live here full time or visit Hawaii to be rejuvenated from the hustle bustle of your daily lives; it is a place we must take care of.  We need to give back to the place that gives us natural beauty, physical & mental healing, peace and a sense of belonging.  Giving back requires us to do more than receive; it requires a responsibility on our end to do more because we want to preserve what we have.  It may not be convenient, it may cost more and change is inevitable.  No one wants to hear these things or make these sacrifices if they don’t have to but doing the right things for Hawaii’s future must be an aligned goal that we all make together.

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