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Photo By RevoluSun

Currently, Hawaii depends on fossil fuels more than any state in the nation and 80% of our energy comes from imported oil.  In order for Hawaii to become more sustainable and less reliant on imported oil, we need to create our own energy here in Hawaii and become more efficient with the energy we use.  This sector highlights all the innovative energy endeavors our state is pursuing, the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative.  Transportation due to the fossil fuel consumption is also very important and currently the state is tracking ground transportation.  We are yet to zero in on marine and air transportation for our clean energy initiative but in time this will be a must for a true evaluation of Hawaii’s energy consumption and self-sustainable practice.  

We also love sharing what other states and countries are progressively doing to advance their energy initiatives.  Should you have helpful tips, new businesses, cool articles, videos or films that are worth sharing, please send them to us at .  


The Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative website does a great job at explaining their plan. 

Hawaii Energy helps to educate local families and businesses about clean energy and efficiency.  They also provide many rebates, benefits and programs for Hawaii residents and businesses, see how you can save money today!

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