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  • FREE Consultation with you to determine your need to sell or buy

    • Our team is qualified to address the needs of those 50+ years of age, with members from our team attending national training and achieving the Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) designation.  In addition to obtaining the CAPS designation, Certified Aging in Place Specialist.

  • FREE Senior Concierge Services

    • Recommend & set-up meetings with appropriate advisors: accountants, attorneys, trust officers, senior services, senior housing facilities, etc.

    • Provide referrals & offer additional discounts from our preferred vendor list

      • Some of our preferred vendors may agree to collect payment from seller’s proceeds at the close of escrow to help minimize your upfront cash expenses

    • Help direct you to the appropriate party for any of your senior needs

    • Be your “GO-TO” team for your senior & real estate needs

  • Once in the phase of Buying or Selling we… (Charges may apply)*

    • Provide access to & which provides all of the tools necessary to search all homes and condos for sale on Oahu.

    • Provide market analysis to buyers and sellers

    • Prepare and review all contracts

    • Order & obtain necessary documents such as trust documents, death certificates, permit packages, property information*

    • Order home inspections* 

    • Order survey of property to confirm boundaries and/or encroachments*

    • Prepare your home for sale (De-cluttering options, storage options, rearranging, trash removal options & staging your home)*

    • Provide FREE marketing photos of your home during the listing period of your property

    • Facilitate entire escrow process, recordation and closing procedures

    • Provide access to our Corporate and Relocation Services, nationally and internationally should a move out-of-state be your destination









Yumi Laney, REALTOR®                   Christina Laney Mitre, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®

          RB-10898                                                      RS-67243

Yumi Laney
Christina Laney Mitre
Picking Fruit

Welcome to our Senior Real Estate VIP Program.  We know this is one of the hardest decisions to make as you transition into a new phase in your life.  Moving away from the home where you may have raised children & grandchildren and shared endless memories with family and friends may be a hard decision but perhaps a necessary one.  Of all the decisions you make, choosing the right REALTOR ® is one of the most important.  It’s a decision that can mean the difference between a frustrating experience and a calm, stress-free experience.  We are real believers in providing superior, friendly service to our senior clients & family.  We maintain a high level of integrity and professionalism. Our enthusiasm, friendliness and personal rapport will help relieve the stress of selling your home.


Helpful Topics To Learn About As We Age

Questions?  We Have Answers…


  1. Financial Considerations: Great Tips To Help You Stay on Track!

    1. When Do I Sign-Up For Social Security?

    2. New Laws & Changes In Government That Affect Our Seniors

    3. New & Current Tax Ramifications, Deductions & Savings

    4. Details on 1031 Exchanges & Your Investments

    5. The PROS & CONS of Reverse Mortgages

  2. Legal Considerations: 

    1. Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

    2. Your Options & Tips When Selecting Someone To Administer Your Estate

    3. Estate Taxes, Income Taxes & Other Factors That Affect The Value of Your Estate

  3. De-cluttering, Downsizing & Selling Your Current Home

    1. Planning Your Downsize

    2. What to Consider When Buying or Selling a Senior Home

    3. Title & Escrow Tips & Highlights

    4. De-cluttering, Packing & Moving

    5. Oahu’s Current Market Condition

  4. Aging-In-Place, Caregivers & Fall Prevention

    1. Preparing Your Home For Safety & Senior Needs

    2. Identifying Caregivers: Who Will Care for Me or My Elder Family Members?

    3. Home Care Options & Solutions

    4. Personal Services That Assist With Simple Daily Tasks

    5. Fall Prevention Tips

  5. Medical & Healthcare Insurance Options

    1. Healthcare Laws & How They Affect Our Seniors

    2. Medicare Options: Taking a Closer Look at the Right Plan & Carrier for You

    3. Medicaid: Do you qualify? The Process & Sign-Up is Confusing, We Can Help!

    4. Long Term Health Care: Who Needs One? What Do They Cover?  Future of LTC Policies?

  6. Senior Housing Options & Case Management

    1. Defining: Retirement Communities, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, CCRC & ARCH

    2. Taking a Closer Look at the Different Housing Options on Oahu & Comparing Them

    3. Learning About Discharge Planning & Case Management

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