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Island Vintage Shave Ice

Ok just a short blog on my new favorite sweet treat!  The search for a more healthier shave ice is over!  I know, it's definitely a #Yelp review turned blog but this is a must and the SMART LIVING expert's, #favpick.  Smart for a few reasons, health wise and business wise.  This isn't your ordinary colored corn syrup on ice, you have some of Hawaii's favorite REAL tropical fruits juices and pieces of fruit added to your shaved ice.  They then dress it with all the local favorites that have been added through time to create a top-shelf shaved ice perfect for these hot summer days.  Even for those chocolate lovers like myself will take a liking and longing for the $8.00 Heavenly Lilikoi order.  The Heavenly Lilikoi has frozen yogurt in the middle and shaved ice on the outside.  It also has small mochi pieces and lilikoi boba on the sides.  It is coated with half lilikoi sauce with real lilikoi seeds and half strawberry purée sauce.  It's then drizzled with condensed milk and topped with fresh cut up strawberries.  

My favorite way to order this bad boy is, sub the frozen yogurt for soft serve ice cream, sub mochi for more Lilikoi boba. (The ice cream is creamier and less tart and the mochi is sometimes hard from sitting out).  

There are several locations, Ala Moana Shopping Center & Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center (Haleiwa & Ko’Olina doesn’t have shave ice, just coffee). For you townies, Ala Moana is much less crowded and easier to be in and out.  It's located where the old Magnolia Bakery outside shop used to be.  Find this gem and I bet you will make a repeat visit real soon!  For more #favpicks from your SMART LIVING experts, LIKE us on Facebook and learn more ways to live smart here in Hawaii!  Balancing a comfortable life while owning a piece of paradise...dreams do come true and let us help you realize them!

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