Kamehameha Schools Strategic Plan & Real Estate

What is Kamehameha Schools up to? As the Chair of Honolulu Board of Realtors East Oahu Region I was fortunate enough to secure Mr. Walter Thoemmes, Kamehameha Schools Managing Director of Commercial Real Estate as one of our monthly guest speakers for our members.

Walter Thoemmes (photo from KS)

The focus was Kamehameha Schools Strategic Plan and Real Estate Strategy. I knew very little and was blown away with all they openly shared. I thought, regardless on if you are in real estate or even interested in real estate, this pertinent information was relevant to anyone tied to Hawaii as a resident or visitor.

Smart Living Hawaii’s mission is to support Hawaii’s future through sustainable awareness, business advocacy and healthy living. So featuring Kamehameha Schools and their future endeavors only seemed appropriate. What Kamehameha Schools (KS) is now trying to accomplish with its land and resources is very much in line with Hawaii’s future for the greater good and its people. They aren’t giving things away or being frivolous with their assets but being smart. The land they do sell won’t be cheap but they feel fair. The partnerships they create to execute projects are assessed and some will be handed off to third parties while others make more sense to execute on their own. They weigh all options and move forward with things that fit their vision. They want to manage their portfolio to be as profitable as possible for its mission of creating educational opportunities in perpetuity to improve the capability and well-being of people of Hawaiian ancestry. But they also see how what they do to accomplish this mission can positively affect Hawaii as a whole because of their wealth, resources and influence on our state. To see their proposed transformation over the next decade will be a sight to see and if executed properly, a promising future for the land they have been entrusted in.